Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Project Take?

It all depends on the size of the project! Our Start ups will range over a week until it is completed, although your time investment is only a couple of hours. An enterprise project is individual to each customer. But what we can say is that we will work on each part until you are 100% satisfied.

Why choose Magento over WooCommerce?

Simply put, WooCommerce is aimed towards small shops, with a much lower traffic than a standard Magento shop. And it is in traffic quantity where WooCommerce has its greatest limitations. This said, starting out with WooCommerce and then changing to Magento or vice versa is possible. Find out what you prefer! We can also guide you to what suits your needs!

How Much Do We Charge?

This is all specific for each project and contains too many variables, we are happy to give you an estimate, contact us with your idea and details!

Why Should You Choose Us?

While exploring the eCommerce world ourselves we found tons of services available, but non of them fully satisfactory. We decided to do something about it. Combining quality with customer relations has always been a winning concept, we wanted to take that concept to the next level. So take the experience with us and find eCommerce made simple!

Didn’t get the answer You were looking for?

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