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Our Services

Pay only for what you use and need! Simple and shop specific.

Start out from our three core structures: Plain Website, eCommerce Platform or Enterprise Solution.

Core Concept

Hire us as a Workforce or as a Partner.

Got a worked out plan? Know where you are heading? Just need everything reliably done with a high quality touch? We have got the means!

Got a company growing? Slightly unsure how to expand into eCommerce?
Don’t worry! Not only can we provide you with a world class technical solution for all what an eCommerce platform includes. We can also supply you with business strategy tips, personnel and broad competence, for a full guidance into a success story – With minimal hassle!

Strategy – One Number, Every Solution

A simple partnership that will tailor to your company’s needs and requirements. Geborek Solutions offers an extensive competence in eCommerce, we look at the larger picture as well as paying attention to detail. Capture the spirit of your corporation in your website; make an impression that will last.

We will review ideas and demands alongside you in the process of building your new platform, with our expertise we can enhance and implement them in the best way possible. As the time goes, you might find you need other solutions – no problem! Our platforms are built to easily be modified or revamped to your desires

Our partners become your partners! Whenever we get a new deal, you get a new deal. You will not have to stay updated on eCommerce news, we will do that for you and inform you whenever something relevant is available!
Unsure? Begin your eCommerce growth at the scale and pace you choose – with all the flexibility to change at any time.

Work Relations

Whether we are working for you or with you, we always make sure to have steady and flowing communication, making sure that everything is up to scratch and avoiding misunderstandings. We believe a symbiotic and open work relation is vital for any project! Experience an easier, a more enjoyable and a more profitable way of working!

We strive for a close relation with our partners, we will  follow up and be ready to deal with any challenge you have got for us!


Responsive design, AdWords, scaling, uptime, response time, load times… From customer experience to your working conditions we care for it all! Working hard to make sure nothing is bottlenecking your brand!

With the modern day and age, you will see people coming to your site on all devices. We will make sure that you never lose a customer due to your page not working properly on a tablet or phone.

The optimization is not limited to your website functionality, customer experience and effective sales. But it also stretches to communications between you and us, getting things the right way, straight away. How we work together is vital for the finished product and Geborek Solutions will make sure that we do everything as efficient as possible. Optimize the work process!


We do not take lightly on our nor your security. To keep your data safe, we use military grade encryption on our servers. This is to protect our customers as well as yours. Unlike our rivals, you cannot buy a website solution from us that does not contain a SSL-Certificate.

Don’t take an unnecessary risk! Keep your and your customers’ information safe! We will offer you all the knowledge, advice and tools to keep sensitive data safe, and to continuously keep it such.


Keep a stable and reliable uptime of your website with us, with our own servers you don’t have to rely on a third party, not only do you know who is holding your information but this also strengthens the security. No need to compare suppliers, deals and rates. We got the best options for you right here!

Web Design

Just want something done and not looking for a partnership? We won’t force you! Our designers are happy work with you for a short time to shape up your website. Contact us and let’s get working!

Web Development

In short. We can build basically anything you want, whatever you require, phone apps, modules, you name it. Contact us with your challenge!